For all women looking to improve your marriage

Get the answers to your most critical questions by renowned lecturer, Sara Yoheved Rigler, and finally discover what it takes to improve your marriage

In this exclusive training on Wednesday, August 20, you will discover how to:

  • Turn daily frustrations into moments of connection

  • Learn to shed the tension and once again enjoy your marriage

  • Achieve growth and become the wife you strive to be

  • Enrich your marriage by replacing stress with joy and love

"The workshop made a real impact here in Teaneck. How my husband is benefiting! The other day he left the house saying, 'I love my life, I love you.; "
T.M., Teaneck, married 9 years
"I have read many shalom bayis books and heard many shiurim, but Sara Rigler's unique presentation was succinct yet comprehensive, simple yet powerful, and truly transformational. I wish I had heard this wisdom 20 years ago."
S.W., Monsey, married 26 years
"I have to say that the best thing I ever did was join the Workshop. I have found it extremely helpful and have looked forward to the following weeks since the start. I have actually stopped and thought before opening my mouth and pause before doing something that I may regret!"
P. E., Los Angeles, married 18 months
"I found your workshop to be a thorough synthesis of material I have been learning for years and the single best presentation on Shalom Bayit I have attended. After one week of working on being a "Kesher Wife," my wonderful husband planned the trip to the Golan we have been talking about taking for 2 years. When I stepped away from my "being in control" role, he assumed responsibility for every detail of the trip. It was a real vacation for me"
L.S., Jerusalem, married 13 years
"I gained so much from the seminar. Wow, did it speak to me! I am catching myself looking or acting like those ladies [criticizing, correcting, and controlling] and re-framing myself. Those of us who were there felt deeply challenged to reevaluate our styles of communication."
D. R., Monsey, married 17 years
"I am so appreciative of Sara Yoheved Rigler’s workshop. She is presenting concepts that exist out there in the “working on your marriage” secular world, and in the “Torah’s view of marriage” Torah world, but she puts it all together in a unique and very practical, applicable, one-step-at-a-time way"
R.M., London, married 4 years
"I’d like to say how grateful I am for giving my marriage a turn in the road… Sometimes we think it is the "other person" and it's really not… it all starts with us… Even after 31 years of marriage, we've never "arrived" and think it's "easy-breezy" from here on… but it's working daily on our attitudes with each other and ourselves…"
A.L., Montreal, married 31 years
"My marriage has totally turned for the good. I am learning to accept my husband for who he is instead of who I think he should be. And being less critical has let him relax and he is so much more loving and affection and more open. I love how we are holding hands again. I have been less stressed and more relaxed since I have given God the authority over my marriage and worked on my relationship with my Father. I am looking forward to learning more ways to become a better child of God, wife and mother. Thank you so much."
S.B., Jerusalem, married 6 years