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Become a part of a worldwide community that is unifying, inspiring and full of spiritual energy...

Surround yourself with top international speakers from all parts of the Jewish world for weekly guidance, support and inspiration to achieve spiritual and personal growth.

The Jewish Experience

 JE reopen

“Imagine weekly doses of inspiration and motivation focused on the richness and depth of Torah concepts, and how they apply to real life.”

By joining this exclusive membership, you will get:

  • LIVE, interactive weekly classes giving you an intense intellectual, emotional and spiritual experience like never before.

  • An array of fascinating topics and issues which we face on a daily basis as human beings, and as Jews emphasizing that Torah concepts apply to real life.

  • A powerhouse of innovative speakers who will share their unique views and answer your burning questions on philosophy, marriage, relationships, global politics, emotional well-being and spiritual development.

  • To be a part of a worldwide community with limitless inspiration, motivation and guidance.

  • Plus, get ongoing Jewish Workshops exciting BONUSES!

All LIVE, interactive classes will take place on Wednesdays alternating between 2:00 PM Eastern time and 9:00 PM Eastern time.  

Your first LIVE class, featuring world renowned lecturer Rabbi Hanoch Teller, begins Wednesday, January 13 at 2:00 PM Eastern time.

 Don’t worry… if you can’t make it LIVE, all classes will be available as downloadable recordings to listen to at your convenience.

Plus Mega Bonuses:

  • Become a Person of Bracha with Rabbi Paysach Krohn– Through inspiring examples and poignant stories, Rabbi Krohn encourages everyone to become a “Kos Shel Bracha” and go the extra mile for fellow Jews. (Immediate mp3 download)(value $97)

JE Krohn

  • Unbreakable Bonds: Simple Tips to Strengthen Your Relationships with Slovie Jungreis Wolff– Discover how to make your home a haven.  Get the vital tips to create a comfortable home with respect, gratitude and no judgment. (Immediate mp4 download) (value $97)

JE slovie

The Jewish Experience: 3 month membership

Regular Price:  $177, $147

NOW ONLY: $97  


To register by phone please call (718) 395-7525 or if lines are busy, please send your phone number to jewishworkshops@jewishworkshops.com for a quick reply.

JE Teller

Rabbi Hanoch Teller

Character Refinement: Love Thy Neighbor

Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

Grow where you’re planted: Dealing with life’s challenges

Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf

ISRAEL: Deeper Than the Headlines


Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski

Raising Children in the 21st Century

Miriam Kosman

How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way we Live and Love

 JE Orlofsky

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky

Why Be Jewish?

Rabbi Manis Friedman

If It’s All For The Good, Why Does It Feel So Bad?

“I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for the wonderful work you do in bringing the weekly schedule of webinars into my home.  I have grown in my yiddishkeit, in closeness to Ha’Shem and I live life less painfully and with increasing measure of joy in the year that I have been attending classes with you. I have Ha Karas ha’tov, but I don’t express it enough.  So, just thank you for touching my life and for the light you bring into the world, may H’ richly reward you for your goodness & generosity.”
Shoshana D.
“This has been a very hard year for my family… but as we light candles this Hannukah, we recount the miracles we have seen through this ordeal. I thank G-d for having found you and your great team. Each workshop has been a blessing. Please receive my wishes for a very blessed Hannukah for you and your families. May G-d continue to give you wisdom.”
Linda D.
“For the first time I really felt as the member of the  world Jewish community…..and my first webinars.Here in Slovenia we haven’t any Jewish school. So the voice and live web community is much more important to me.Thank you all for your huge and professional work.”
Alek B.
“This is simply to tell you that I find it amazing and such a Blessing all the stuff that you discuss and the teaching sessions you offer.  I have been learning so much thanks to “your” workshops. Thank you a lot. HaShem bless you all.”
Sabrina L.
“Thank you for making available such spectacular workshops.I am by profession a caseworker  in early intervention, and my 24/7  volunteer job is Kiruv, and I have a Chizuk gemach, so I Baruch HaSh-m have the extraordinary opportunity to be involved with and in the position to make a difference in many Yiddishe lives on a daily basis.I find that ALL your workshops have been phenomenal and I have gained personally and professionally new ideas, strategies and techniques that are sure to be transformational.”
Baila Esther D.
“Thank you very much for everything you do at Jewish Workshops.It has been an amazing experience to be part of the webinars and I really appreciate your efforts to bring the best for my spiritual growth. I would also like to thank all the Rabanim and Rebetzins who are part of Jewish Workshops for sharing their knowledge and for their commitment and availability. They really do a great job.”
Bracha W.
“All of you at Jewish Workshops, will never know how much you have helped to change my life and way of viewing the world as well as my connection to Hashem, myself, my husband, and my family.”
Penina H.
“I love the convenience of not having to leave my home to learn and grow in this way! I will definitely sign up for more Jewish workshop webinars.”
Nathan L.

The Jewish Experience: 3 month membership

Regular Price:  $177, $147


For any questions please call us at (718) 395-7525 or email us at jewishworkshops@jewishworkshops.com



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