Eliminate Unhappiness, Put an End to Anxiety, Stop the Resentment

The Step-by-Step Formula to Manage Your Emotional Pain with Dr. Miriam Adahan

In this critical training on December 18th, bestselling author, lecturer and world-renowned psychologist, Dr. Miriam Adahan will reveal how to:

  • Battle your feelings of depression and anxiety and achieve fulfillment
  • Learn to master your feelings and finally feel happy and accomplished
  • Transform life challenges into opportunities for self-improvement
  • Discover your unique capabilities and become attuned to your potential
  • Live life more fully and discover the joy that each moment presents

About Dr. Miriam Adahan:

Dr. Miriam Adahan’s groundbreaking approach to human emotions has revolutionized the way that the Jewish world approaches psychology. With over 15 books published in numerous languages all over the world, there is barely a home that hasn’t been touched by Dr. Adahan’s methodology. With over 40 years experience in counseling, lecturing, writing and training counselors, Dr. Adahan’s well-spring of knowledge and vast experience of the human condition cannot be duplicated. Hundreds all over the world have Dr. Adahan to thank for the success of their relationships and the emotional well-being of their families. Quietly residing in the outskirts of Jerusalem, Dr. Adahan truly is the reigning expert when it comes to modern Jewish psychology.

“The words ‘Thank You’ seem insignificant and paltry compared to the gratitude I feel to you… You showed me who I am- for who I really am, not because of my choices… I can now have relationships in my life that give me what I need irrespective of anything else they may or may not offer. ”
“You have been one of the greatest gifts in my life… Whenever I have a difficulty or emotional challenge or am coming undone at the seams, I turn to you to find a word or idea or yours – and what is most amazing is- you always work… You are the “pill” I take and I always feel better, more centered, more balanced, more able to cope with whatever Hashem sends me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
“Miriam Adahan changed my life. I cannot imagine where I would be today without her invaluable guidance. The gratitude I feel towards her is endless.”

If you experience one or more of these feelings:

  • Unhappiness
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Stagnation
  • Frustration
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Jealousy
  • Depression

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Book Feedback:

“I’ve read Miriam Adahan’s book many times over, and find it fascinating each time anew. It was like a raft thrown to a person drowning in the ocean. “
Michael, Tahoma
“This book saved my life and my marriage. I was married only 2 months and somehow we could not communicate properly. Reading this book helped me recognize my true personality. I felt like Miriam Adahan was standing behind my window – she knew me inside out! I realized that I am one of many and that their is a way out. I thank Hashem for sending me this book as the Shaliach for my survival.”
“Miriam Adahan’s tour de force is a brilliant, insightful look deep into the very essence of every one of us.”
Rachel, Boston
“Find yourself and your loved ones explicated and revealed in the pages of this book to increase your understanding of and ability to relate to and deal with everyone in your life in a more productive, healthy way.”
Sarah, Montreal
“An excellent book that I wish I had read ten years ago- before I made almost every mistake the book discusses. If I had taught my children using some of the ideas from this book they would be a little happier and closer to me than they are now.”
Naomi, London

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